SIA “BILDBERG” is a construction company with more than 20 years experience in building industry.

We offer full service:

Our SIA “BILDBERG” team consists of experienced and professional estimating engineers, project and construction managers and constructors in building industry who, taking into consideration customers needs and offering the best solutions, will accomplish even the most complicated projects.

Our main activity direction:

  • Building (houses, apartment and public buildings, industrial and agricultural buildings)
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Construction of internal and external engineering networks
  • Improvement work

Our company’s evolution

1994 – Foundation of multi-purpose company SIA “Uzars”, in which one of the operating sectors is construction
2007 – Company SIA “Uzars celtniecība” is founded, which operates only in building industry
2017 – Change of company’s name from SIA “Uzars celtniecība” to SIA “BILDBERG”